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Garner Holt Productions - (Largest Manufacturer of Animatronics?) Theme parks, Gaming, Retail, Restaurants, Trade shows etc.(Either the Largest Animatronics company or at least in the top 3)
Advanced Animations - Animatronics, Theme Park Attractions, Edutainment Attractions, Dark Ride Attractions, Retail, Casino, Corp, etc.(Large Animatronics company from Connecticut)
SARCOSCool innovative company ..does everything from Entertainment Robots to Medical Devices (very R&D oriented ..next to University of Utah?)
Sally Corporation: Animatronics and Dark Rides(often-seen animatronics in theme-parks etc. - another contender for the Largest company)
Jim Henson's Creature Shop (London)
The Jim Henson Company - Henson.com(overall site includes the muppets etc.)
LifeFormations - Animatronics for Theme-parks etc.,Chroma characters, Interactive Exhibits, Sculpted Objects etc. etc.
Hofmann - Figuren -natürlich, dynamischthe company that originally built the Enchanted Colonial Christmas Village in Philadelphia.
The Character Shop - Main Entrance(check out their FAQ if you`re getting into the business!)
MANNETRON-Specialized Technologies for Serious Businessanimatronics company in Michigan
TurtleWorks - ( hoH MaN! the Rhino from this guy is within the TOP 3 most amzing pieces of work i`ve seen! ) (and they`ve done alot of other cooool stuff too)
ChiodoBros.(did Killer Klownes movie) (one of the Wierdest Sites I've ever seen)
Enchanting Forest UK - Animatronics, Props, Displays, Effects...
STAN WINSTON Studio - ( Movie Animatronics - Jurrassaic Park, Preditor, Terminator, more) (branching into action-figures and comics?)
stanwinstonstudio .com
stanwinstoncreatures .com
stanwinstonproductions .com
Steve Johnson's XFX - now in business as 'Edge Effects'
FLORIDAROBOTICS- Enter the World of Robots and Animatronics !(lots of radio-controlled robots)
VP Productions - full service animation company with over 21 years of combined experience in the animatronic industry. - (Watertown Connecticut)
V.P. Productions - your animation headquarters(older site)
Dorfman Museum Figures - Custom Figures
Hutch'sHome Page(EffectsTechnician wi /Gallery
Clostermann Design Consulting - animatronics, scenery ,theming and special effects germany
Bould Productions - Amazing, realistic puppetry &animals for Film, Television, Internet Entertainment, and Commercial Film Production
DAVIDPERTEET -( Concept Drawing, Makeup Effects . .Amazing resume(portfolio shows Really good work and Really good moulds)
Ozlab, animatronics, sculptures and design for theme parks
International Robotics - Pioneers of Techno-Marketing.Leased or Custom designed advanced Robotics and Special Effects for Marketing, Communication and Entertainment.- NY(NY agency for ALOT of different high-tech Robot Companies, Entertainers, Gadgets for trade-shows, exhibits etc.! .. diverse catalog!)
CALLICO Special Effects, live action effects and props (Big props ..trains etc.)
WONDERWORKS - Displays &Exhibits, Models &Miniatures, Props, Spaceships, Space suits etc. (CA)
SFXMAN/ japanese special-fx &animatronics co.
R2XLFiles- (Web Site of TONY DYSON ! (the guy who built R2D2 ! -) ( i love r2d2 -)
BunkHouse Studios - Jim Randall - ( REALLY good sculpting - does work for Advanced Animations ) - Vermont
Sticks and Stones FX Studio
Animax Designs, premium quality custom puppets, creatures, and animatronics for television, film, advertising, and theme parks
BNT Studios - Toys, Prototypes, Make-up effects, Mold-making etc. etc. (wide range portfolio) ( BILL BARSCHDORF )
C.M. Vision SFZ - ( MARIA BERMEJO and CESAR ALONSO, 2 spanish guys that came to London to work as sfx.)
AllEffects Company, Inc.(OO BOY ! This is the guy who built JOHNNY 5 !)man ..somebody tell Eric to finish the website or send mE money and I`LL do it! : ) (i wanna see pics!)
(originally worked at advanced animations long ago)
Creegans Animation and Audio Animatronics
Total Fabrication Home Page
Italian Magic Artists (IMA)
Mechanical Pieces from TurtleWorks
John Cox's Creature Workshop Pty Ltd : Design and Fabrication of Static and Articulated Characters
AnimalMakers Characters for Television Commercials, Shows, and Films
Robots,Rocketsand More!
CFX-(Spfx in Uk-) Prosthetics, Creatures, Special Makeup Effects
Dan Perez Studios
Special Makeup Effects by Lars Carlsson - (original site)
Special Makeup Effects by Lars Carlsson - www.Makeup-FX.com
Special Effects by Creative Effects .inc (camera cars, large set-dressing etc.)
Christina's and  Martin's Web Site(Prop building and Acting duo in Canada ..built a very  complex R2 too  ...   ...also)
CC's &MH's Casual space
WelcomeTo YFXStudios- Enter Page
Flix FX - (CooL lookin site!!) - Animatronics, Props, Displays, MOdels, VEhicles etc. etc. !
Komodo - the extraordinary, cutting-edge art, animation and innovations of BILL FLEMING
EvanStrikes Back -( star wars link )
CORESystems,Inc. -( sound - video - lighting -)
TheUnofficial ILMHome Page - www.ILMfan.com
x MASS.ILLUSION Visual Effects Co - Lenox, Massachusetts (merged with Manex of England and website`s gone now)
Mad Scientist Creations
DigitalArts- special effects . . . ( - NEW ! - )
CAMmotion Industries - Was FXMECH
VampiresandWerewolves - Fangs, Masks, Costu...
CreativeDesign and Engineering
Roboskins Inc. - Professional hollywood special effects, fake body parts, and animatronics. - Making Imagination Come to Life!
Stampede Entertainment (was Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. ???)
Vince Backeberg's Make-up EFX work
Bimmini Special Effects....Creature Effects and Animatronics (Austrailia)
CINEFFECTS PRODUCTIONS INC. - physical/mechanical effects, pyro, rigging etc.
ArtEffectsin Sun Valley-Custom Props - Fiberglass - VacuForming more.
BoneYard Effects Home Page
SetDesigners,Costumers, Others, Art, Doll, ...
CREATUROIDES-Robótica Fantástica - Animatronics - Robots ( - NEW -
DreamlandFXhomepage - Steve Neill's alien special effects etc.
MASSFX--- (haunted house)
special effects stunt rigging capsule launcher pyrotechnic equipment
TheTruly DangerousCompany
SplittingImageHome Page
V &W Animatronics - Covering everything from the smallest mammal, to a full blown Dinosaur. Guaranteed to amaze all.(London)
TheSyd Mead IncPage(coool ..the guy who designed all in TRON and BladeRunner etc. etc. etc.)
ToniBuffa- SPFX Makeup etc. - (original page on chris-hillmans site)
Toni Buffa - NEWER page on makeup.net(went to the Art Inst. of Philadelphia)
Film Illusions Inc. - ANimatronics for Themed Attraction Services, Fil and TV (TankGirl, ?Stargate, ?Budwieser frogs
JohnStuart'sSPFX Makeup etc.(friend in Philadephia, teaches spfx at the Art Institute of Philadelphia)
Nimba Creations Special Effects home page
CRIATURASMECANICAS- ( Spanish Animatronics Co. ! - )
x RodHavrickAltschul's Animatronics Head! (site`s gone ..now he`s doing computer-graphics?)
ANIMATED FX ! - design, creation, rental and puppeteering of animatronics and sophisticated puppets for film, television and commercials.
Absolute FX - Singapore - SPECIAL EFFECTS &ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY - film, tv, exhibits etc.
StageFrightStudios - (Haunted House - Animatronics etc. -Good
FarmerStudios -Themed Attraction Design Co. - UK
Life Like 3D Portrait made by Special Effects Make-up Artist - Kazuhiro Tsuji - ( The Most AMAZING link I have possibly)
Mascots,Soup to Nutz!The Mascot Organization
JVIIIShop(in Long Island City NY ! ) ( actually general listings for shops around NY)
BlueSkyStudios, Inc.
x PrehistoricGiants- Dinamation Australasia-(OUT OF BUSINESS ...awww ...all those lonely animated dinosaurs roaming the malls without a home : (
Robotic Entertainers Inc.(big robot costumes etc. for sale and rental by Jeff Leininger) (Orlando FL)
Alex-My First Animatronic Creation-(T-Rex creation on top of
DissidentFilmsCurrent Project
SpecialMakeupEffects artwork of Tim Northon - ( Good stuff )
GEMS-Animatronics (uk)
Chicago Animatronics Homepage
RPWProductions-Sculpture for the Entertainment Industry- -
BruceMiller'sHOUSE OF EFFECTS - creatures puppets masks makeup props
TheRobot Factory
Buffington Effects  - (Jack Buffington- animatronic eye and mechanism 'how-to' etc. info)
TEXA: Animatronics &Puppets
The Robot Factory .com - (Fuzzy Cute characters riding tricycles and more .. (Colorado)
RobotronicScandinavia >oskar ( bicycling fluffy robotic animal )distributes robotfactory.com robots? (oskar looks familiar )
Ron'sHomepage (animatronic fiberglass dinosaur on roof of theater)
-->WELCOMETO:IMAGINATION PLANTATION -( Don't have the slightest idea :)
NealScanlan profile, Animatronics expert
AnimaFX Efectos Especiales para Cine, Teatro, FotografÌa y TelevisiÛn
Propguy'sHome Page (Steve Gostelow .. the guy who built the Daleks !)
RandoProductions Inc., Mechanical Special Effects (for theme parks etc)
AmusementPark Game - Boxerjocks
EdgeInnovations - (neat .. did the whale in Star-Trek, the
TheHarry Thomas Web Page - ( Makeup Artist .. wow .. biiiig resume !)
x ShortCircuit ( JOHNNY 5 site including Clips, Sounds Pics etc. etc. !!)
x TheShort Circuit Home Page
ROBOTOPIA .com- entertainment robots etc.in the uk
ROBOMEDIA(NJ) Entertainment Robots for Special Events, Marketing, PR Education
Welcometo AVG, an Industry leading Animatronic's company.
Roboskins Inc. - Professional hollywood special effects, fake body parts, and animatronics. - Making Imagination Come to Life!
Mold1- ( Now "THIS" is how you do a Mold ! ! ! ) (from David Perteet's
Sturm'sSpecial Effects-(Mostly BIG Pyro,
Stage-6 Productions (Rick Stern) - (wow..Animatronics Designer/Fabricator/ Instructor forMonsterMakers.com!)(..and more)
ArticoleStudios Home Page - ( Mouldmaking casting in the UK )
EspecialEffects Company UK
~BSF/X~ (animatronics etc. site on GeoCities)
Hutch'sHome Page(EffectsTechnician wi /Gallery wi/BehindTheScenesPics!)
Sarner'sWeb Site (AudioVisualDes.ConultInstallation(&Animatronics??)
x wyverne'sRealm - (www.goblinart.com/ non-animatronic-address
EspecialEffects Company UK
Chris Hillman Creative
FANTA X VISUAL EFFECTS è una ditta di effetti speciali tradizionali per cinema, tv e teatro(rome)
x Station X studios - website gone (domain bought)
BBCResources - (Interesting! .. "in house"effects-crews and facilities)
leisuremanagement ( McAndroids page - a company in Tunbrige Wells )
LASERTRONICS- Special Effects Productions, South Africa
Walter Klassen FX and Animatronics - (Ontario)
Savini.Com- The Official Tom Savini Homepage - spfx makeup
TerrorBy Design
DonBertino's Home Page -(info etc. for HauntedHouse / Christmas decor)
BLUEWHALE STUDIOS - PORTFOLIO - (spfx make-up studio - Florida? )
xx AFXStudios -(special Make-up effects &Sculpture)
TrulyDangerous Links
xxSpecialEffects &Working Life Size Models ,(Strange Vehicles)
garthpatil -(just a personal pg-in school forMech.Eng.helped onAnaconda
MIBImages - ( low budget spfx / modelling etc. in Winnepeg Canada )
StarLight &Magic-(Stage / Special Effects lighting &smoke / fog etc.)
AppliedMagic, Inc.
Altered Anatomy Inc.
Special Effect Supply Home Page
AnimatedObjects, Inc. - 4 legged mini robot
VirtuallyFurry Productions &Houston FX (SpfxMakeUp/costuming)
Killer Props - ( mostly costumes )
Foam Props .com - foam props, props, custom props, fiberglass props, foam sculpture
Leo Cahn / Moving Models Special Effects
Sticks and Stones FX Studio- make up, costume design, props, animatronics, armor
The Prop Werx
FreaX FX
Zung Studio - Created the foam animation character for MTVs Celebrity Death Match!  ( NY )
Farmer Studios Themed Entertainment for Shows, Animatronics, Interactives, Costumes...
JJAMB Productions
Molds,Moldmaking, lifecasting &Special Effects of Northwest Special Effects.
Welcome to Shawcraft Robotics
The Making of Creatures Monsters Aliens Apes and Dinosaurs
Creative Contraptions - (forget what`s here ..just a title at the moment)
FX Illusions - Special Effects, Theme Park and Computer Design Facility
Entrance FX Factory
Edge Innovations
Dave Downes New Site - http://www.legendforge.com
boneclones.com - Good reproductions of various skulls and skeletons etc.(nice to finally get away from the sAme freakin asian skull that everyone copies again and again and sells for $20)
Nimba Creations Special Effects home page

EFFFECTIVE ENGINEERING - your source for cost-effective animatronics and accessories(has popular M5 Animatronics Decoder ..records 8channel servo moves to audio track from trainer-port on RC transmitter)(also custom design &fabrication??)
Blue Point Engineering - Animatronics, Robotics, Tech Partslots of servo control-boards, animatronic head kits, robo-kits etc.
BURMAN'sfoamlatex, special effects makeup, molds, claysFirst place to stop for Latex, Silicone, Tints etc, Urethane, Makeup, Alginate
CK Design Tech PresentsTonegawa Seiko ServosStrong Linear Servos etc.
Monster Makers Online(I`m Amazed by ELASTIGEL! (water-clear, hot-melt, elastomeric polymer gel) ..softer than silicone and strooooong strong stronng!!! ..gotta heat it to ?300degrees though)
VANTEC - radio control systems, motor controllers, servos, servo amplifiers with R/C or computer interfaceBattleBots Favorite Controller for treads, have 'keykoder' piggyback system that adds up-to ?32 switches to a standard 8-channel radio-control-system.
The ROBOTSTORE .comGreat Supplier of Robo-Kits, Parallax products, Sensors, AIBO, Parts  (lotsa variety) 
MULTIPLEX RC .com - Programmable RC servos with a Long Lifespan! - from Royal Hobby Distributors,
Model Control Devices - Has 8 or 16 channel keypad add-on for rc-trans and recievers (16 on/off devices through a regular rc-unit)
ScottEdwardsElectronics, Inc.(pc - servo interface boards)
PONTECH Front Page(pc - servo interface boards ..one with IR control and memory)
Brookshire Software - Visual Servo Automation (VSA) - The Solution for Servo Control Software(software for pc - servo interface boards)
Cementex - LATEX SUPPLIER in ny
Alcone Company Inc. - Makeup, LAtex, Alginate etc. etc. etc. (in ny)
Dave's Special Effects Make-Up Supply - Plaster Bandage Foam Latex Prosthetics 3-D Gel Powder ProColorRings FX Makeup Mask Cover s Special Effects Make-Up Supply 5153 Bill Drive for Special Effects Make-Up to the Professional s Special Effects Make-Up Supply.
Costumes, Lighting, Theatrical Supplies etc.
Controlled.com - Mechanical Parts Suppliers
micromagic systems supply Animatronic, Robotic and Puppet control systems for the Film and television industry- (Really Useful Stuff)
DarkSideCreations Latex Clothing - ( slightly x-rated )
Bodytech ! - Body Parts, Contact Lenses, Halloween Services more more more! in Van Nuys by Andrea LéVine
James Rogers and his evolving website - (Sculpture, Special Characters, Opticals ..GREAT How To sections!!)
x DreamationServing the Theme Park Industry. Since 1988.(NEW SITE !!!???)
TheCostumePage -Costume Resources Online ( Lot's of costume
MDL-EuropeanSuppliers Directory . . . . . . (Ditto !)
SpecialEffectSupply - lots o stuff - )
Rio Grande Jewelry Making Supplies - Everything for Creating, Manufacturing and Displaying Fine Jewelry
Provisioncare.com-( has lenses for spfx- )
Complections International Canada Ltd. - makeup school
cocontrollers-video-animatronics--) (software company specializing in multimedia control systems. )
AnatomicalChart Company Online Catalog - Has Full Sized SKeltons for $75
TheChamberof Horrors - Costumes, Masks, Props, Body Parts
E.I. Independent Cinema Online! - ( video listings
The Monster Makers
Wizards,Inc.--Hollywood Special Effects -How To- Videotapes and books-
ArticolePropmaking Moulding Services - ( in Great Britain )
ScreamQueensMagazine - site has variety ( includes props - Masks
Images SI, Inc. NY - Robotics, Speech Recognition, Airmuscles, Holography, Superconductors, EcoSpheres, Science Supplies, Kits and more.
Plasma-Art.com - (PLasma Globes and more)
TerrorBy Design - spfxsupplies ( has cobweb-maker - )
xGREMLINSIN THE GARAGE! - model builders site for sci-fi , figures etc.
xBodytechHome Page-(lenses- teeth- body-prts- Gargoyles- etc. etc. etc
Welcometo TowerHobbies!(big catalog if you buy it ..Lots of radio-control supplies!)
Firestone ( great big rubber shock absorbers ) Airsprings Airride
Distortions Unlimited - Halloween Aniamtronics, Props etc.
CreationEntertainment - (Conventions, Merchandise, Fan Clubs
Wizard Devices - products for the demolitions, special effects and fireworks industries. (more)
MontereyTools Company - (Embedded Control)
TheatricalSupply,Costume Accessories - ( new one --- )
NIGHTMARE FACTORY Haunted House and Costume Shop
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InternationalMagic &Fun Shop
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